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Terms of Contract


The steel detailing product that is ordered from US Steel Stairs is limited to the information that is supplied by the CLIENT for use by US Steel Stairs. The scope of the service provided by US Steel Stairs to the CLIENT is limited to and is inclusive of only the following items:

1. Steel fabrication drawings including material lists, material dimensions, and material types of the item selected and payment in full that has been received.

2. Drawings, sketched, field measurements, etc. provided by the CLEINT to US Steel Stairs to complete the fabrication drawings are for US Steel Stairs use. No material will be returned.

3. Three copies of the completed fabrication drawings will be delivered to CLIENT.


The following describes the terms used throughout the ordering of the product and contractual arrangement with US Steel Stairs:

US STEEL STAIRS-Known as the "Contractor" in all contracts to sell the fabrication drawings of a custom steel product designed by others unless identified separately.

CLIENT-Known as the purchaser of the custom steel product. Is solely responsibility to provide accurate design information including calculations, details, drawings, sketches, field measurements, to CONTRACTOR prior to commencement of fabrication drawings.

CLIENT is responsible to provide clear and concise identification of each item that CONTRACTOR is to complete. Identify stairs, etc. such as "Stair 1a", "Stair 2". The fabrication drawings cannot be completed without this information.

STEEL DETAILING OF STAIRS AND MISCELLANEOUS STEEL-Drafting of the fabrication drawings, known as THE PRODUCT, for a custom steel product from the information supplied and approved by the CLIENT. Drafting and layout of fabrication drawings are at the standards of US Steel Stairs only.

WORK ORDER FORM-The down loadable order form describing the items that fabrication drawing are to be provided. The order form will be the basis of the agreement including fee arrangement, design information supplied by CLIENT, SUBMITTAL package and delivery of the SUBMITTAL. Complete a WORK ORDER FORM for each item that is to be completed by CONTRACTOR ("Stair X", "Trash Gate B", "Ladder XX"). This will provide a complete record for the CLIENT and CONTRACTOR.

PRODUCT-The completed fabrication package includes Erection Plans (of the single item only, no complete floor plans), material lists, material specification, material cut length, details.

SUBMITTAL-Completed fabrication drawings of the PRODUCT to the CLIENT includes three (3) copies of the plans and details-stapled. Drawing size is 11 x 17, (24" x 36" upon request). Delivery of the submittal to the CLIENT will be by the US Post Office, UPS, or Fed Express.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SERVICES-A faxed contract will be faxed to the CLIENT from the CONTRACTOR acknowledging the order placed. Verification of the product ordered, verification of proper fee arrangement, and product scope of work will be incorporated into the contract. Note: Contact for fabrication drawing services will be altered if DESIGN INFORMATION and WORK ORDER FORM do not match each other. CONTRACTOR WILL MAKE FINAL DECISION.

DESIGN INFORMATION-The design information from the CLIENT is required to be provided prior to the work commencing even if the PAYMENT has been received by the CONTRACTOR. A faxed acknowledgement of the information received, additional design items required, etc. will be sent to the CLIENT.

PAYMENT-Payment in full of all items ordered is required prior to work to commence. A faxed memo acknowledging the payment will be sent to CLIENT.

TIME TO COMPLETE-Upon receiving all the DESIGN INFORMATION, PAYMENT, a faxed acknowledgement of the date of completion of the SUBMITTAL will be sent to the CLIENT. The standard CONTRACTOR time to complete the SUBMITTAL and deliver to CLIENT is three weeks. To express the SUBMITTAL, a fee will be assessed.


The terms of the agreement to provide the fabrication drawings, PRODUCT, for a custom steel product from the CONTRACTOR to the CLIENT are limited to the following:

  • The CLIENT will provide all design information for the CONTRACTOR to complete the SUBMITTAL. If the information is not accurate and the work has started, the CLIENT will be required to provide an additional fee equal to the original fee to the CONTRACTOR for the new information. The project will be stopped and a new completion day will be submitted to CLIENT. The CLIENT is solely and completely responsible to provide accurate information to the CONTRACTOR.

  • CONTRACTOR will provide acknowledgements of the receipt of the design information, order placement, and fee payment and TIME TO COMPLETE to CLIENT. Work will not be scheduled until the payment or the design information is received and acknowledged by the CONTRACTOR. Project will be removed from CONTRACTOR schedule of work if either the payment or design information is not received within seven (7) business days from acknowledgement of the ORDER FORM. A faxed memo to the CLIENT will be sent acknowledging the removal of the project.

  • The maximum claim of liability (Civil and punitive) that CLIENT can receive from CONTRACTOR is equal to the fee paid by CLIENT in all jurisdictions in all states and individual communities.

  • The CLIENT accepts and agrees to the sections identified as "TERMS OF AGREEMENT", "CLARIFICATION OF TERMS" and "SCOPE OF WORK-STEEL DETAILING" in its entirety without any exception either implied or not implied.


    The process to place the order is as follows:

    Complete WORK ORDER FORM.
    Fax to CONTRACTOR for review and acknowledgement.
      Review WORK ORDER FORM Acknowledgement is sent to CLIENT.
    Sends out design information to CONTRACTOR for review.  
      Review design information and sends back acknowledgement of the design information. Acknowledges if the WORK ORDER FORM and DESIGN INFORMATION are in agreement. Modify WORK ORDER FORM if required.
    Send payment in full to CONTRACTOR.  
      CONTRACTOR fax memo for the acknowledgement of payment. Provides date SUBMITTAL is to be completed and delivered to CLIENT.


    The payment is required to be paid in full even if the WORK ORDER FORM and DESIGN INFORMATION has been received by the CONTRACTOR. Payment is to be provided through Certified Check payable to US Steel Stairs.

    If payment is not received within 7 working days from acknowledgement of the WORK ORDER FORM, the project will be removed from CONTRACTOR'S schedule of work.

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